Aug 14

NFC crypto applet source code available

Updates: 14/09/2016: Added applet binary.

The source code for the JavaCard applet and new KPNFC with applet support is now available on Github.


Binaries are available:

Building from source

To compile the applet yourself, you'll need to add the following to the ext/ directory:

  • java_card_kit-2_2_2
  • ant-javacard.jar

These are both available from Martin Paljak's excellent AppletPlayground repository.

To build:

$ cd applet
$ ant

You can then install the app using a Global Platform client. To do it using Martin Paljak's gp.jar:

$ java -jar gp.jar --install

Pre-installation requirement: public key

Before using the applet, you must instruct it to generate a private key. This is done off-device because it takes quite a long time.

$ cd JavaClient
$ java -jar JavaClient.jar generate_card_key