Jan 2

Help me beta test Divers Alarums

Over the holidays I wrote Divers Alarums, an Android alarm clock app. It’s a solve-my-own-problems type app with a fairly basic feature set: it fades in the alarm over a period of time (this is why I wrote it), supports multiple alarms, lets you set alarms for specific days of the week, has a snooze feature, displays a notification, and is reasonably clean-looking and free of obnoxious ads (by which I mean it has no ads).

If you have an Android phone and know how to install APK files, I’d really appreciate beta testers. The only thing I’d ask is that if you actually use it for your alarm clock, please set a different alarm clock as well, because I’m sure there are bugs at this point.

Please email me if you have any suggestions (no matter how small or weird) or if you find any bugs. In a couple of weeks, if it looks okay, I’ll put it on the Play store. Here’s the APK:

Divers Alarums beta (APK, 1.0M), last updated Jan 4, 2015